Programs & Collaborations

WRRP’s programs are broadly aimed at empowering women and reducing gender inequality. They seek to address the root causes of the problm building on the strengths women have to face the uncertainties of life. It basically does not provide things to the people but help them to acquire from other sources. It does not believe that major problem is that of resources alone.


Work on a multi pronged approach: policy advocacy at national and district levels and simultaneous capacity building at local levels and working on preventive aspects in selected areas - so women suffering from UP can claim and receive services. It will work intensively in Siraha and Saptari districts, providing periodic support to mid and far- western districts and technical support for trainings and collective campaign to other adjoining districts of existing working districts.


Work with women’s groups under government system while strengthening them to work on reproductive rights

Work on a multi-pronged approach from grassroots to policy level collaborating with local NGOs

Work closely with government health, education and women's empowerment focused institutions for institutionalizing reproductive rights

Undertake program intervening with various key actors such as adolescent boys and girls, parents/family, school/teachers, women at risk, influential men, governmental bodies, political parties and media.

Intensify men and boys engagement in order to reduce gender discrimination at all levels

Work at grassroots for evidence-based knowledge for advocacy

Intensify widening and deepening of the issues based on ground experiences of working with CNGOs in base districts

Intensify bringing UP issue in discourse with various stakeholders - service providing agencies, local government, parliamentarians, political parties, media, donors by developing a culture of networking and solidarity of concerned organizations and activists.

Major Activities

Building Capacity and Knowledge

Strengthening the capacity of collaborating NGOs through training, coaching and joint actions. It also provides training to government health workers emphasiizing on women's reproductive rights.

Advocacy, Campaign and Networking

WRRP helps channelize voices of women suffering from UP at grassroots to demand for services and draws attention of policy and opinion makers such as parliamentarians and the media on the gravity of the issue for the adoption of appropriate policies.

Community-based promotional and preventative program

Wednesday Januaur 19th, 2015

Through partnerships with local NGOs, WRRP undertakes preventive education aiming, adolescent girls and boys, pregnant women, young couple and other family members on the causes and consequences of UP.

Girls Empowerment Program (GEP)

Wednesday Januaur 19th, 2015

Girls empowerment program will be undertaken with an aim of producing the outcome of increasing retention of girls in secondary schools. In the covered districts, early marriage is common forcing adolescent girls into immature pregnancy and child birth resulting in school dropouts, poor sexual and reproductive health condition and uterine prolapse and making them often vulnerable to a cycle of discrimination, health condition and uterine prolapse and making them often vulnerable to a cycle of discrimination, domestic violence and abuse. In order to address this situation, WRRP would undertake girl empowerment program in consultation and coordination with the DEO, PTA, SMC, teachers by building partnership with adolescents with the community. It will conduct training for teachers on ASRH including girl friendly education. It will sensitize adolescents on the issue of sexual and reproductive health rights and empower them through life skill training and peer education.

Widening UP and SRHR issues in Outreach districts

Wednesday Januaur 19th, 2015

WRRP widens its outreach to new districts by providing orientation to local NGOs on UP/SRHR and reproductive rights supporting them to sensitize men and women in community and influence stakeholder to address the issue at local level . This will enable them to raise their voices on women's reproductive rights including UP to the concerned agencies at different levels from VDC to ministry.

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