WRRP’s programs are broadly aimed at empowering women and reducing gender inequality. They seek to address the root causes of the problm building on the strengths women have to face the uncertainties of life. It basically does not provide things to the people but help them to acquire from other sources. It does not believe that major problem is that of resources alone.

Major Activities

Women's Reproductive Rights Program (WRRP)

Building Capacity and Knowledge

Strengthening the capacity of district based NGOs through training, coaching and joint actions. It also provides training to women's network,....

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Community-based promotional and preventative program

Through partnerships with local NGOs, WR undertakes preventive education targeting to, adolescent and young people, pregnant women, newly married couples,....

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Girls Empowerment Program (GEP)

WRRP aims to reduce child marriage, one of the major causes of POP and denial of SRHR. Partnering with public....

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Advocacy, Campaign and Networking

WRRP helps channelize voices of women suffering from denial of SRHR and POP at grassroots to demand for services and....

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Widening POP and SRHR issues in Outreach districts

WRRP widens POP and SRHR issues toother to districts byproviding trainings to local NGOs andsupporting them to sensitize men and....

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