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Sit-in protest for surgical treatment in district

UP Sufferer Network of Siraha padlocked the main entrance gate of DHO Siraha. Padlocking DHO was a protest on the negligence of DHO to women with UP problem in the district. DHO did not take the issue seriously even after several rounds of delegations and submissions of memorandum by UP network. The network also made an appeal with ten point demand to DHO for immediate actions. They had to wait for two days to make it an issue of attraction since they padlocked the DHO just before office closing time and next day was Saturday. DHO was concerned only from Sunday which was working day. 20 women carried out sit-in protest with placards and banner demonstrated in front of entrance gate of DHO. Women demanded for written commitments mentioning the deadlines taking actions of their demands. Finally Regional Directorate Office and DHO made commitment of conducting a surgical treatment camp for 100 cases in Siraha as soon as possible. UP network then took back their protest and opened the padlock after 4 days of protest.

Surgery Treatment

DDC in Jajarkot matched the fund of NRs 200,000 of WRRP with NRs 900,000 to conduct UP surgical treatment in collaboration with DHO and RHD on the agreement that CAED ogranize and manage the camp with Chaurjhari Mission Hospital in Rukum district. Total 35 surgerieswere conducted.

Reproductive Rights Forum (RRF)

Reproductive Rights Forum (RFF) and local NGO's are successful in claiming NRs 6.5 million from VDC block grant in 22 districts.

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